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Goldstar Transport adds zero-emission Fuso eCanter to its Perth fleet

Goldstar Transport adds zero-emission Fuso eCanter to its Perth fleet

The Perth-based company, which employs 400 people and has a fleet of more than 150 trucks, took delivery of the eCanter at a ceremony today. 

 Head of Daimler Truck Overseas, Andreas von Wallfeld, Daimler Truck Australia Pacific President and CEO, Daniel Whitehead, and Fuso Truck and Bus Australia Director, Alex Müller were all on hand to hand over the keys to Goldstar Transport Managing Director, Sean Carren. 

 The Fuso eCanter was the world’s first series production electric truck and is in operation with leading brands such as Bunnings, Coles, Toohey’s and Australia Post. The Goldstar truck is the first eCanter to be deployed in Western Australia. 

 Mr Carren says Goldstar Transport is pleased to invest in advanced trucks such as the eCanter.

 “Goldstar really strives to look after our people and give them the best equipment to do the job and the eCanter is part of our ongoing commitment to our people,” he explains.

 He is also pleased to introduce its first zero-emission truck.

 “We have a social responsibility to do our bit and a quality product like the eCanter makes that a reality,” Mr Carren says.

 He says he is “exceptionally happy” with the quality of the eCanter which has a Gross Vehicle Mass of 7.5 toonnes.

 “It’s a proven product from a trusted brand and we get a lot of support from Daimler Truck and the Fuso team,” Mr Carren says. 

 Mr Whitehead says it makes sense that Goldstar Transport acquire a Fuso eCanter. 

 “Goldstar Transport demands the most advanced, most efficient and safest vehicles available so the Fuso eCanter is a perfect fit for this exemplary fleet,” he says.

 “We applaud Sean Carren for introducing this pioneering Fuso electric vehicle to Goldstar Transport, demonstrating the benefits of an environmental workhorse that produces no emissions and makes hardly any noise,” Mr Whitehead concludes.

 Mr von Wallfeld says the Fuso eCanter is demonstrating the benefits of electric trucks in real world conditions.

 “Fuso eCanters are out there working hard for our customers in many countries, showing that an electric truck from a proven manufacturer is not just a pipe dream, but a viable freight transport solution for cities around the world,” he says. 

 “We know that Goldstar Transport will be thrilled with this practical, safe and innovative electric truck,” Mr von Wallfeld adds.

 The eCanter is the only electric truck in its class to feature active safety features. It comes standard with Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), which are increasingly important for leading companies and government bodies with a firm focus on health and safety.  

 Six liquid-cooled lithium ion batteries mounted in the eCanter frame store 82.8kW/h of electricity (with 66kW/h of usable power) and feed a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Power output is rated at 135kW and 390Nm of torque can be delivered the moment the accelerator pedal is pressed.

It was the subject of a rigorous testing regime around the world, including a six-month Australian test running with a maximum load, in addition to real world driving in overseas markets.

Daimler Truck, which produces Fuso, Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Freightliner vehicles has a commitment to ensure that all new trucks and buses in Europe, North America, and Japan are "tank-to-wheel" CO2-neutral by 2039.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has announced that it will begin local validation trials for the fully electric eActros and eEconic models next year, with an initial batch of six test trucks in Australia and two in New Zealand.  

Freightliner’s Cascadia was the first conventional truck in Australia with the US GHG 17 emission rating (equivalent to Euro 6 under upcoming local emission standards), while Mercedes-Benz led the way by introducing Euro 6 on every single Actros model in 2016.

Fuso currently features diesel engines that align with or undercut the stringent Euro 6 emissions standards (which will not be mandated in Australia until 2024) asstandard for its medium duty Fighter and heavy duty Shogun, as well as the Rosa light bus.