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New eCanter Test Vehicle Unveiled

Fuso eCanter

The new model will continue Mitsubishi’s turn to EV technology.

Mitsubishi has unveiled the test vehicle of its next generation eCanter for the first time at the company’s headquarters at Kawasaki City.

Japan’s first series-produced all-electric light-duty eCanter truck was first launched in 2017, with Mitsubishi then introducing an improved model with advanced safety features in 2020.

Mitsubishi is now proceeding with the development and testing stages of its next generation eCanter ahead of its upcoming launch, with this newer model coming with further upgrades in terms of range and safety features.

The next generation eCanter lineup will be expanded to meet various transportation needs and shows Mitsubishi’s wish to increase electric vehicle (EV) investment at its new EV-focused testing facilities.

The new eCanter range will go through a rigorous testing period of over one million kilometres of driving tests before the official product launch, with the various models going through hot and cold climates both domestically and abroad to be tested in all conditions.

Mitsubishi eCanters have been used since 2017 for many transport company’s logistics needs, with over 350 vehicles being introduced worldwide.

The eCanter is also part of Mitsubishi’s plans to continue electrifying all new models by 2039 and accelerating its shift to CO2 neutrality.

"We are proceeding with the development of electrified vehicles and further expanding our EV-dedicated infrastructure," Mitsubishi vice-president Hironobu Ando says.

"Our ultimate goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality in our commercial vehicles and we hope to contribute to the sustainability of not only our customers’ businesses but also that of society as a whole."

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