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The team at Daimler Trucks Gold Coast are thrilled to announce their Daimler Elite Support Certification, the 6th for Velocity Truck Centres, VVG Australia.

Daimler Elite Support Certification

We ensure that as an Elite Dealer we are focussed on what truly matters — your truck and your business. That means we don’t do things the easy way, we do them the right way, every time.

Elite Support is a joint initiative by Daimler Truck and the dealership network that is aimed at delivering a new level of service for customers of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Freightliner and Fuso in Australia. It’s built around the idea that professional operators work hard, and their service network should too.

Elite Support certification is available to Daimler Truck dealerships after demonstrating a commitment to a customer focused way of doing business and a continuous improvement culture within the dealership. They demonstrate this by implementing and complying with Elite Support criteria.

Aaron Camilleri, General Manager of Daimler Trucks Gold Coast said; “The achievement of Elite Support accreditation by the Daimler Trucks Gold Coast team is testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and a continuous improvement mindset. 

Throughout the journey of our business, our vision of “Being Better” is underpinned by the 9 lean principles of Elite Support. Our team are proud of this accomplishment, and view this as a pivotal milestone in our continued journey for customer satisfaction.”

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement — Being the best requires an ongoing commitment to quality that is rooted in the culture of our Dealership. That’s why we have a Continuous Improvement Coordinator (CIC) to ensure we regularly meet and exceed the certification requirements. The CIC collaborates with peers across the Elite Support network to stay up to date in the latest best practices and conducts regularly scheduled Continuous Improvement events in order to meet and improve the standards of customer satisfaction.

Our Customers benefit because they know that our Dealership is an Elite Support Certified location which will provide them with consistent, high-level quality service, every time.

We look forward to seeing you in the Dealership soon!

Aaron Camilleri, General Manager, Daimler Trucks Gold Coast